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Meet the Baker

Bite Me Food’s was established in 2013 in Corvallis, OR. We are a small, locally owned business owned by Esther Saunders. We take pride in our gourmet, high quality products. We use as many natural, organic and locally sourced ingredients as possible—because real food tastes better! Each product is handmade with lots of love!

Many truffle companies use artificial flavor and a lot of sugar in their truffles. We don’t add sugar to ours—except for the PB cup truffle—we avoid artificial flavors. Our truffles are packed with real fillings. We have been called the “Voo Doo Doughnuts of Truffles!” Our recipes are unique and are packed with all the good stuff! No fillers. Take a bite—you will be pleasantly surprised!

We encourage you to take the Bite Me Challenge—do a taste testing with our products next to your standard favorites—and we guarantee you will have a new favorite or at least a difficult decision!

Bite Me Food’s is available for online orders, catering, festivals, weddings and hopefully soon in a store near you!

Thank you for choosing to Take a Bite and support our small and locally owned business!

Esther is the owner-operator of Bite Me Food’s LLC. She is a baker extraordinaire! Baking is Esther’s “medicine” and favorite hobby! All Bite Me recipes are her creations. She loves creating new goodies and fun twists on popular eats and treats. Esther started creating special diet recipes when a medical professional informed her she needed to go gluten-free. She started sharing these treats and people started asking to buy them—and the rest is history!

Esther is also a Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Counselor with a passion to help those who struggle with suicidal ideation or those who have lost a loved one to suicide. Bite Me donates 5% of all proceeds to suicide prevention efforts. We also strive to employ individuals in recovery through our mentorship program. Esther herself is in recovery and tries to give back what she was freely given. When you Take a Bite—you are literally Saving a Life!”

Esther is happily married with two stepdaughters Noelle and Trinity and resides in Salem, Oregon. When she is not baking and creating tasty treats she works at a Psychiatric Crisis Clinic. Some of her other loves include hot yoga, hot springs, time with her family, nieces and nephews, coffee, time with friends, getting crafty, helping others, recovery meetings and sponsorship, and traveling and going to Disneyland!!!

Esther loves hearing feedback on her products and your Bite Me experience so feel free to reach out! If you love your Bite Me treat please review your purchase. If you did not love it please send us a message and we will make it right!

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